"I have been in business for almost 2 years and I can honestly say it would not be possible without, Kerry! I am so lucky to have a person I can count on that knows more about the fashion industry than pretty much anyone! She is on top of every trend coming and going, works so hard to help me find exactly what I am looking for and has more patience than I could ever imagine having! She helps keep me organized, on budget and on trend! I couldn't get through one day without having her as a resource. I would highly recommend her to anyone!!"Kristen Gunn, Back Down South, Bowling Green, KY

"Kerry's buying service saves me time and money. I no longer have to travel to LA 4-5 times a year. She sends hundreds of weekly pics to my inbox and I shop from home. If I have questions she is readily available to answer them and I trust her taste and judgment." Michelle Bouma, Mi Shoes, Lynden WA

“I would like to tell you that I absolutely love the stuff that we have gotten through you. There would have been absolutely no way we would have been able to get this together so quickly without you. The internet search that I made that directed me to you has been the best business move we have probably made. Thank you so much!” - Whitney & Jonathan McWilliams, The Clothes Horse, Danville KY

"Kerry has been able to understand my customer and come up with appropriate lines, for the other side of the country. I must point out that it is a very affordable and time saving way of shopping for a store." Maggie Cox, Barr-ee Station, Kitty Hawk NC

"She has an excellent understanding of my customer. I have purchased all categories of apparel through her services from knit tops, dresses, sweaters and on. I believe that through her services I have a constant pulse on what is happening in the market at all times and can act quickly to profit from fast and ever-changing fashions." Ori Cohen, Guacamole

"Your ability to learn my needs and the style of my boutique is amazing. You are punctual, objective, acting fast and I’m very happy with this corporation, which I do hope will be a long term relation to our mutual benefit." Nomi Hangal, Tel-Aviv, Israel

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