Fashion District Tours

Whether its your first time, or fiftieth time, to the LA Fashion District there's always something new to discover! Take the stress out of your buying trip by booking an informative tour, tailored to your needs.

What to expect on a tour :

* Discover new vendors

* Learn about product development, small production runs and labelling

* Target only what you need, e.g. made in USA, extended sizing, organic fabrication or eco friendly manufacturing etc

* Pick up cost saving tips before you arrive, and along the way 

* Get informed about pricing, consolidation or just get your bearings!

Book a tour before your next trip and arrive informed and prepared to make the most of your buying trip. Text Kerry at 323.717.1370 to book a date or find out more.

Here's what people are saying :

"Shout out for Kerry Prezeau! She’s awesome...what a gem!!! I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a tour or buying assistance in LA! She definitely went over and beyond for me". Jodi, NC.

"First stop was with hub member, Kerry, (she is a buyer who lives there.) who was a GODSEND!!! She showed us some great clothing stores". Stacey, MO. 

"I just have to give a shout out to Kerry Prezeau! We went on the tour this morning and it was great, she definitely knew the area, lines, and best prices, and was so incredibly helpful! If you are headed to L.A., I highly recommend connecting with her!" Melissa, MN

"This tour was AMAZING! I am sooo lucky to have been given the opportunity to do this tour and meet Kerry! It was a great way to see the showrooms and make connections with everyone". Staci, MD

"LOVE LOVED it gf!!!! You were such a great help and resource for my little business! Look forward to catching up with you next time I’m in LA!" Liz, OK.


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